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  • 2002 Mountaineer, 1982 5.0HO swap questions

    Ok so here's the gist: Purchased a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer two months ago. Got from Bellview FL to Inverness FL (close to where I live but not just there) and the stock 4.0L blew. Awesome buy, ughh. So I initially was told it was my head gaskets so I sent it to the shop once there they gave me the news of needing a new motor the chains were done ...
    Posted to Technical Forums (Forum) by 302babe on November 6, 2011
  • valvetrain question. first rebuild (302 out of 91 bronco converted for carbureted use)

    when i go to torque the rocker arms down, they just push the pushrods further and further into the lifter and the rocker goes further and further down onto the stud and never stops. is the normal? the torque specs i found for this were between 18-25 ft/lbs. not wanting to break anything else on my first rebuild i backed it off. again, this is my ...
    Posted to Technical Forums (Forum) by kevinreal on November 7, 2010
  • Cobra engine in a lincoln need help!!

    I have an 1989 lincoln towncar with a stock 302 EFI and AOD tranny, car belonged to an older gentlemen and only has 44k on it, runs great, and is spotless.  I want to keep this car original, but would like an economical way of turning my 302 into a 93-95 cobra 302.  Currently looking at trading my 302 for one out of a 99 moutaineer ...
    Posted to Technical Forums (Forum) by Justin on July 26, 2010
  • 302 roller cam crate motor distributor gear; cast iron or steel?

    We're putting a crate motor ( ACDELCO 302 PN 12364743) into my' 69 Mustang ragtop. We've had  this motor sitting in its crate for lo these last ten years or so, ( bought in about 2000 from a local heavy equipment shop that dropped the AC/Delco franchise and was selling their stock of re-man'fd bullets).  Now that I'm finally about ...
    Posted to Technical Forums (Forum) by jrichdav on August 11, 2009
  • Installing new roller rockers 71 302

    Hi im installing a set of new smeding full roller rockers to my 1971 302w but there seems to be a hight problem with the rockers bottoming out on the posts requiring a full 1/4'' longer push rod and not a very happy valve geometry. Is it comin practice to mill down the rocker mounts on this type of head as a friend has sugjested, and is there a ...
    Posted to Technical Forums (Forum) by flethed on June 6, 2008
  • 351W Harmonic Balancer Question.

    I'm going to get a used Harmonic Balancer off the net and my only question is:Does it matter if the new HB is from a 351w with EFI or not?My truck DOES NOT have EFI!'83 F150 with 351W.   Thanks for your Responses!   You guys have helped alot!
    Posted to Technical Forums (Forum) by Jcon7487 on June 5, 2008
  • Searching for a used 302 replacement engine.

    After 209000 miles the main bearings on my 1987 F-150 are refusing to hold oil pressure.  They're worn to the copper, and the cam doesn't look much better from the view underneath. The engine is rated a 185 hp (1–5–4–2–6–3–7-8 firing order), uses a large, two-piece, cast aluminum manifold with a speed-density based EFI system. From what I ...
    Posted to Technical Forums (Forum) by pjm on June 4, 2008
  • Which to choose 302 or 351M/400

    Stuck in a rut kinda. trying to choose between 2 motors for my datsun to run autocross and scca. First is a stock 1972 truck 4 bbl 302 1000 miles since rebuild, auto trans ...$400 Second is a  1972 truck 4 bbl 351 W dual plane edelbrock intake, auto trans ...$500 both come with all accessories, wiring, and ecu for ...
    Posted to Technical Forums (Forum) by slyhog22056 on April 2, 2008
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